Web Development Manchester

Web Development Manchester

It’s been a while since our last post but we are still here!

Some of these will be added to our portfolio but others are under NDAs which means we legally cannot discuss or display them!

Why do we work with NDAs?

Some of our clients prefer to have their website built in house but can’t facilitate this. They hire someone on a contract basis and both parties sign an Non Disclosure Agreement. The benefits of this are that the only branding on the webpage is that of the company who own the page.

However, the works we are currently doing which are not under NDA are:

  • A website for a Private Day Nursery
  • A website for an online seller of furniture
  • An exciting new blog for a blogger

We have more work lined up but we won’t disclose this until we start development.

We also build all our websites on a private development server which can be accessed via a link, so we can keep all our clients fully up to speed of where we are up to, at any time!

Have you got an exciting new idea for a website? Does your old website need updating? Do you now require your website to support mobile devices?

Web Development

As well as web development we also offer other services like Search Engine Optimisation, Web Hosting, and Web Design. Soon we will be pushing out our service to allow you to directly buy domain names through us, offering the full board to all our clients.

We will also soon be releasing our line up of super fast VPS servers powered by faster than SSD storage, Maxiops. Keep your eye out for our upcoming newsletter which will announce the arrival of this! If you want to sign up to our newsletter then please fill out the form below ?

As always, if you’re looking for a front-end web development agency who also supply web hosting then get in touch today.

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